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We are so excited about our video at Designer Genes.  Since we’re a small non-profit and this is our first year, I never thought that we would have a video of this caliber to send to you today.  Our two board members (cc’ed on this email) who took charge of our Giving Hearts effort had a dream to showcase families talking about having support vs. not having support when your child receives a diagnosis of Down syndrome.  Coincidentally, I had a meeting with a young woman (Alyssa Barker – also cc’ed) who was passionate about providing photography for families with new babies with Down syndrome…that conversation ended up in the donation of her (and her husband’s) efforts on this video and bringing our board members’ dream to reality. We are now working with Alyssa and her husband to develop the concept further and have something even more powerful for our new families wondering about their and their new baby’s future.  We think it will bring much hope.