Peoples Rising Academy

After Winston saw Dr. Myles at Peoples Rising Academy and got his 360 assessment he is on his way to being an Athlete at Life! RUFF!! (even though Dr. Myles doesn’t treat animals Winston still approves!)

Do you want to join in a mission of changing the lives of people who need it most? 💖
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In 2019, Jodi and Dr. Myles built People’s Rising Academy to offer individuals with complex conditions the proper exam, testing, and treatment free of financial burden, but filled with inspiration and empowerment.
As a survivor of abuse, addiction, morbid obesity, and tragic losses of multiple children, Jodi decided to change her life by using the Peoples Rising approach. Dr. Myles, as a medical practitioner blending chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise, and wellness – their paths crossed. Jodi, as an entrepreneur, sold her business to invest in something bigger than herself and share her story.
PRA focuses on showing others that the right diagnosis, treatment, and coaching can help you become an Athlete at Life – Giving you a reason to RISE.
Giving others the opportunity to change their lives is a unique opportunity. You can contribute to our journey as well.
Join us in Giving Hearts Day 2020 by supporting our cause.

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