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The Red River Zoo connects people with animals to inspire a passion for wildlife and wild places. Each time you visit the zoo, make a donation or share what you know about our animals, you help us with our mission of conservation and education. The Zoo is a protected haven where breeding and caring for threatened animals can help protect them from extinction. We are known around the world for our work with Chinese Red Pandas, Sichuan takin, and Pallas cats. We are dedicated to helping the animals that we can. Imagine the wonder on a child’s face upon hearing a wolf howl as she visits with our Zookeepers about how we care for them! With your help, we create moments of awe to make lasting memories and inspire others to care. Your donations make a difference!

Giving Hearts for the zoo

When you donate to the zoo you become a part of something spectacular! Schedule your gift today.

Posted by The Red River Zoo on Friday, January 31, 2020

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