Water Works

After learning about the tragedy many families are facing in simply obtaining water, ten-year-old Sawyer Anderson wanted to help. Shocked, she thought, “This isn’t fair, every kid should have water!” Compelled to find a way to make a difference from her cozy, modern home in West Fargo, ND, she set out to raise $50.00 selling her grandma’s cookies at a garage sale. What followed was an inspiring story of hope and the innocence of a child who believed she could change one small part of the world. Now, just 10-years old, Sawyer created a children’s book called “Water Works” to illustrate the challenges African villagers face in procuring clean water and to raise more money for additional wells. To date, Sawyer has raised over $100,000, funding more than 35 wells and bringing clean, safe water to more than 10,000 people! Sawyer actively shares her message in person, through social media, at the web site and through “Water Works” which has sold 6,000+ copies!

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