Please be advised that if you received a PPP loan, you still need to take action in order to obtain forgiveness of your loan balance.  In order to obtain loan forgiveness, the SBA requires each borrower to submit an application for forgiveness of all, or a portion of, the loan with the SBA.  Please note that the SBA has advised that it will take them between 2-3 months to process your application, and therefore, we are highly encouraging you to submit your PPP Forgiveness Application as soon as possible.  VISIONBank is actively submitting PPP Forgiveness Applications to the SBA for our clients right now.

Applications are available on our website below.

If you are having any problems completing your forgiveness application,  we recommend that you work with your accountant or tax professional to ensure that the application is completed correctly and to ensure that the appropriate supplemental information, which is required by the SBA, is included with the application.

To submit your application, please submit the following:

  A complete application

      Supporting documentation

Application and documentation requirements subject to change by the SBA.

Your application will be processed once ALL documentation is submitted in its entirety.

If you have any questions, please email COVID@visionbanks.com

3508S PPP Forgiveness Application
(For Loans under 150k)

3508EZ PPP Forgiveness Application

3508 PPP Forgiveness Application