VISIONBank was founded on a very simple and decisive way of doing business – “Getting it Done” in every aspect by providing the best in banking products and services while delivering responsively and finishing well.


We are committed to "getting it done" for...

About Our Clients

Our Clients

We are committed to exceeding our clients expectations and providing them with a banking experience second to none. 

About Our Team

Our Team

We are devoted to developing our team by providing opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

About Our Shareholders

Our Shareholders

We believe in building an organization that is strategic, entrepreneurial, anticipatory, and compliant while providing a reasonable rate of return. 

About The Communities We Serve

The Communities We Serve

We pledge to serve our communities by accepting a corporate leadership role and volunteering our time and talents to "give back" unselfishly. 


VISIONBank is a locally-owned community bank that was started in 2003 by a team of experienced bankers who were committed to providing exceptional service and building an organization that would never lose that small town bank connection to its clients. Walk into the lobby of one of the VISIONBank locations and you will think you were walking into the great room of a home – fireplace, grand piano, a fridge that customers can find their favorite pop and even a couple of friendly black Labradors named Scout and Piper that come to work everyday. Occasionally you might have to duck as the President of the bank might be throwing a pass to one of the younger patrons of the bank that stopped in to run a few pass patterns in the lobby using the desks as imaginary defenders. Such is the feel of a home town bank that hosts a live broadcast of Steve’s Sports Saturday radio show on Saturday mornings while a prayer group meets regularly in a conference room on the other side of the lobby.

The seasoned lending team has earned the Small Business Administration’s District Director’s Award as one of the top producing Small Business Administration lending partners in the state of North Dakota every year since 2010. VISIONBank’s mobile banking app was one of the first in the market to offer ‘account aggregation’ which allows a client to manage multiple banking accounts at other financial institutions with the ease of this application. “We recognized that clients today have multiple accounts at different institutions and we needed to provide a vehicle for clients to manage those accounts on a single dashboard,” says Dan Carey, President and CEO of VISIONBank. “We want to continue to deliver innovative products and respond to the ever-changing needs of clients in a fast-paced world.” An example of this is the instant issue debit card that VISIONBank offers to its clients. “No one wants to wait and our clients depend on their debit cards daily so we needed to respond immediately to a client requesting a new card if one was lost or compromised,” explains Carey. “We can literally produce a new card in minutes.”

VISIONBank was founded on a very fundamental principle – ‘Getting it Done’ and it shows in their commitment to their clients, their employees and in their community involvement. “We were the first bank chartered in over 30 years in the state of North Dakota and we are proud and thankful that we have been well received by the clients and communities we serve,” says Carey. “We are excited about the continued growth of our communities and we will remain responsive to the changing needs of our clients. We also have some exciting changes on the horizon.”


Meet the faces of VISIONBank

Dan Carey Headshot

Dan Carey

President | CEO
email: danc@visionbanks.com
phone: 701.364.2263


Bill Kuzas Headshot

Bill Kuzas

Executive Vice President
email: billk@visionbanks.com
phone: 701.364.2272

Kelli Simonson Headshot

Kelli Simonson

EVP | CFO | Operations
email: ksimonson@visionbanks.com
phone: 701.364.2264


Blake Trenbeath Headshot

Blake Trenbeath

EVP | Commercial Banking
email: blake.trenbeath@visionbanks.com
phone: 701.364.2289


Natalie Tuchscherer Headshot

Natalie Tuchscherer

SVP | Mortgage Lender
email: natalie@visionbanks.com
phone: 701.364.2305


Jon Erdmann Headshot

Jon Erdmann

Chief Information Technology Officer
email: jon.erdmann@visionbanks.com
phone: 701.364.2290

A man sitting with two dogs and holding a #countme sign


What is Giving Hearts Day?

Giving Hearts Day is the most generous day of the year. It was launched as the first one-day ‘virtual’ fundraising event in 2008 by Impact Foundation and is co-hosted by Dakota Medical Foundation and Alex Stern Family Foundation. Participating charities have received Impact Institute training as preparation for year-round fundraising success, and take part in Giving Heart Day. It has become a gateway for people to connect to causes doing good work in areas they passionately care about. Since 2003, over 400 charities and causes in North Dakota and western Minnesota have benefited from over $41 million raised on Giving Hearts Day. All donations are made at impactgiveback.org.

Our President, Dan Carey is the Chairman of Impact Foundation and also a Trustee of the Alex Stern Family Foundation.

VISIONBank’s GHD Video Contest

Starting in 2012, VISIONBank has been a proud sponsor of Giving Hearts Day and the host of the Giving Hearts Day Video Challenge. Charities participating in Giving Hearts Day were given the option to make a video about their organization and Giving Hearts Day. Starting January 29th, people can vote for their favorite charity’s video on our poll and we’ll donate to the 3 charities with the most votes! Click below to view videos and cast your vote!

For more information on Giving Hearts Day,
please visit Impact Foundation’s website