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Debit Card Fraud: If you have lost or had your debit card stolen, click here to turn it off in digital banking, contact us at, or call our after hours phone number at 866-815-7899.

Fraud/Scam: Contact our Customer Service team at 701.364.2020.  For after hours assistance, please email us at if you believe you have fraud on your account or have accidentally fallen for a scam.


VISIONBank highly recommends using multi-factor authentication, a password manager, strong passwords, and keep your software update-to-date.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Also known as two-factor authentication and two-step verification. Enabling MFA, makes it twice as hard for fraudsters and criminals to access an online account. Do not share any MFA code you receive with someone else.

To set-up MFA on your digital banking account, please contact our Customer Service team today.

Password Manager

Password managers are a secure and easy way to store your login information for various sites and apps. They offer built-in password generators that creates long, randomized passwords that protect against hacking. Some password managers, even monitor the dark web and will send you alerts when your personal information is at risk.

Strong Passwords

No matter what accounts the passwords protect, your passwords should be at least 12 charcters, use upper case letters with lower case letters, numbers, special characters, and have not been used before.

Software Updates

Always keep your software updated when updates become available and don’t delay. These updates fix general software problems and provide new security patches where criminals might get in.

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** Reminder, if you have given out any sensitive information (account number,  debit card number, Social Security number, or digital banking credentials please contact us immediately at 701.364.2020. **

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Contact our Customer Service team at 701.364.2020 or if you believe you have fraud on your account or have accidentally fallen for a scam. 

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