Giving Hearts Day

Giving Hearts Day is the most generous day of the year.

Giving Hearts Day is the most generous day of the year. It was launched as the first one-day 'virtual' fundraising event in 2008 by Impact Foundation and is co-hosted by Dakota Medical Foundation and Alex Stern Family Foundation. Participating charities have received Impact Institute training as preparation for year-round fundraising success, and take part in Giving Heart Day.  It has become a gateway for people to connect to causes doing good work in areas they passionately care about.

In 2022, 538 charities and causes in North Dakota and western Minnesota benefited from $26.6 million raised on Giving Hearts Day. All donations are made on Giving Hearts Day's website. Our President, Dan Carey, is the Chairman of Impact Foundation and also a Trustee of the Alex Stern Family Foundation.

VISIONBank is proud to partner with all nonprofits in providing the annual Giving Hearts Day video contest. For the past 10 years, our video contest has been a platform for nonprofits to use to get their mission heard.  Check back in February of 2023 for next year's video contest.