Family Voices Of North Dakota

Family Voices of North Dakota has provided assistance to families since 1996.

YOU can help an exhausted parent find help to care for her child with a chronic illness or disability. YOU can empower an entire family to find the support and information they need for their success. 7,200 phone calls, 7,200 chances to make a difference In 2019, we received more than 7,200 calls from families seeking support and resources from Family Voices of ND. Some of those calls were to assist families navigating at a prenatal appointment or at the time of birth, they became scared, alone and not sure where to turn. We assisted families with older children who received a new diagnosis and were unsure what the future holds. We helped families who needed to travel out of state for appointments. We provided inclusive events so families could enjoy time together. We provided trainings to empower families with emotional support and ways to navigate the intricacies of a complicated system of care. Help us continue to answer the call each time the phone rings, the caller on the other end has a need – needs we couldn’t begin to meet without you! With your help, we have also been able to:

Strengthen and support 1,040 new parents through our services

Support our Family Consultants who provide community care coordination to 4,100 parents

Strengthen our ND Parent to Parent and Project Carson programs, and Family Consultants which have provided emotional support to 1,419 parents.

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