Financial losses from check or ACH fraud can be costly and impact your business. Catch exceptions early with Positive Pay and enroll today!

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What Is It?

Fraud Solutions combines ACH Filtering and Check Positive Pay through web-based tools that help prevent ACH and check fraud or forgery by matching the information presented for payment against the issue details provided by your business.

Let's Talk Features + Benefit

  • Detect Fraudulent Checks

  • View Images of Check Exception Items

  • Add Filters or Blocks

  • Reduce Accounting Errors

  • Pre-Authorize ACH Payments

  • Manage Exceptions Online

  • Automatic Exception Item Notifications

  • Return Checks or ACH Payments

How Do I Enroll?

For security reasons, Positive Pay enrollment is not available online. To sign up, fill out the form below, or contact us at 701.364.2020 or to get started today! 

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