Transfer money quickly and securely through person to person transfer.


Why Should I Use P2P?

  • It's Fast

    The money is sent in real-time, which means you can instantly send money from your VISIONBank account to someone's debit card. 

  • It's Simple

    It's simple and easy to use. You enter their contact information, they receive a text or email, then they enter their debit card information, and the transfer is complete. 

  • It's Convenient

    It transfers the funds directly from your account to theirs without needing a third party product or account. 


Contact VISIONBank at 701.364.2020 or to have a team member activate P2P for you.

Enroll in Person to Person Transfer

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Customer Testimonials

Five orange stars for a five star review.

We love the entire VISION crew! They take time to know their customers, communicate promptly, and give personalized service! *Team VISION for life!*

Orange circle with the letter E in whiteEmily Finley

Five orange stars for a five star review.

I really enjoy their mobile app. It’s very easy to navigate through and easy to set up the options for bill pay. Extremely friendly team, willing to help with any questions you may have and they always strive to know every client on a personal level. They make it a point to not only take care of their clients but build lasting relationships with them. I personally enjoy the mobile check deposit system they have, it is really simple to use and easy to snapshot the checks image with the auto-snap they offer.

Orange circle with the letter E in whiteBrady Horner